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Koe (声) is a JRPG with the Japanese language at the core of gameplay. Koe (声) combines traditional RPG gameplay with communicative language learning techniques to bring you a truly unique and rewarding gaming, language and story experience.
~ from the Steam store page
Koe(声)pronounced “ko-eh” is a role-playing game in the style of traditional JRPGs such as Dragon Quest, Pokemon and Final Fantasy and is influenced heavily by them. Koe will be released for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. The special edition of Koe will only ever be available through this Kickstarter campaign! Koe is a game before anything else. This means it plays like a JRPG, there are random battles, bosses, a story, pets, wizards, cities, houses as well as cats and you will play through collecting items, experience points, weapons and everything else that comes with a traditional JRPG.
Strawberry Games
Strawberry Games
Digital and limited physical
Platforms and Release dates
Microsoft WindowsMac OS XLinux
April 17, 2020